What To Know About Liability When A Car And Bike Collide

Year after year, Texas stays seated squarely in the top 20 for accidents related to a biker getting struck by a car.

If you were in a car and bike accident, you could be dealing with traumatic physical or psychological effects for years to come. If you don’t know your rights following your accident, you should get to know what you’re entitled to and how people will treat your accident.

Here are 3 things you absolutely need to know if you’re dealing with the aftermath of such an accident.

1. Sobriety Matters

When traveling on any vehicle, even a bicycle, the sobriety of the operator matters. People who bike under the influence of drugs or alcohol could find that they hold the liability for their accident. Even if you were only traveling on a bike and you didn’t injure anyone else, if you get hit by a car, you might be at fault.

If you were taken in by a hospital, they probably did blood work. If you might have had a drink or two on the night that you were struck, the hospital might already know.

If you’re depending on a lawyer to help you resolve this case, be sure they know about the intoxication. Be upfront and honest with them so they can do what’s best for all of you.

2. Pedestrians Have the Right of Way

As a bicyclist, you may have rights you don’t even realize you had. In many cities, it’s perfectly legal to, if you don’t feel safe, take over the entirety of a driving lane for safety and visibility.

In many places, a bicyclist, in the absence of a motor of any kind, is considered a pedestrian. That means that you have rights and when you’re struck by a car, it’s a violation of those basic traffic laws.

Remember that pedestrians have the priority when it comes to the right of way in just about every place on the planet.

3. Your Injuries Have Priority

While you may have helped to cause the accident that occurred, there’s no disputing that your injuries have priority. It would have to be a truly exceptional collision between a bike and a car that would require damages paid to the driver.

Know that when it comes to getting your bills paid, your injuries have a real priority. The injuries that you can incur from being hit by a car are certainly potentially severe and even fatal. If you’re still dealing with issues from being struck by a car, talk to an expert who can help you to find your way through this process, medically or legally.

A Car and Bike Accident Can Be Fatal

If you’re alive but deeply inconvenienced by the aftermath of the accident, be happy that you managed to make it. Lots of people have been in car and bike accidents that don’t even report them, making our substantial statistics all the more impressive.

If you want to know more about the kinds of services that an attorney could offer, check out our guide in dealing with one.

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