Car Accident

With more and more cars on the road, and with a deteriorating highway infrastructure in the Dallas TX, it is hardly surprising that there are more than six million car accidents each year in this country.

There are approximately 300 million residents in the U.S. and with more than 6 million auto accidents, that means approximately 1 out of 50 people in the U.S. will be involved in a car accidents each year.

Although some accidents are relatively minor, many are quite serious.  Statistics show that more than 50% of motor vehicle accidents produce injuries and/or serious damage to property.  And, of course, some result in the death of one or more of the vehicle’s occupants.


Car wrecks result from a wide variety of underlying causes.  Most often, a car accident is the result of negligence on the part of one or both of the drivers involved in the accident.  Perhaps a driver failed to observe a stop sign, traffic light, traffic signal or other laws governing the operation of a vehicle.  Nowadays, it is hardly uncommon for motor vehicle accidents to be the result of driver negligence in the form of texting while driving or the use of a cell phone.  And, of course, accidents involving drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs or prescription medication occur, often resulting in serious personal injury and property damage.


Before discussing what you should do after a car accident, it is important to understand a few things that you definitely should not do.  First, the other party to the accident may attempt to persuade you not to call the police.  That’s the wrong decision.  It is important to get an official record produced immediately following the accident, and a police report can serve as valuable evidence later on in ligation.  Second, the other party’s insurance company or a well-intentioned but misguided family member may attempt to persuade you to settle your claim quickly and not to contact a car accident lawyer.

After a car accident, it is critical that you contact an experienced car accident lawyer in Dallas quickly.  Our experienced car accident lawyers in Dallas will ensure that critical evidence is preserved and that you are not taken advantage of by profit-driven insurance companies, whose primary motivation is their own bottom line.

Experienced Car Wreck Lawyers Dallas TX

Just like doctors have areas of specialization, so too, lawyers have specific areas of expertise.  The car accident lawyers at the Kastl Law Firm have years of experience obtaining justice for the victims of motor vehicle accidents.   Our car accident attorneys in Dallas, TX can provide the following services for you, at no cost:

  • We can help ensure you get the best medical treatment possible, regardless of whether you have insurance;
  • We can help to identify the best repair shop, one which will give you a fair estimate to repair the damage to your vehicle;
  • We can assist you in filing claims with insurance companies and/or your employer;
  • We can help you locate funding sources to help get you through periods where you’re unable to work due to your injuries
  • Most importantly, we can investigate your case thoroughly, retain the best experts and advocate your case aggressively to foster a just settlement or judgment at trial.

It is important to remember that we only get paid if you get paid, and our car accident attorneys in Dallas take a personalized interest in ensuring that car accident victims obtain just compensation.

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