Slip and Fall Liability

Slip and Fall Liability

Slip and fall injuries are quite common, and they can happen nearly anywhere. You might fall at work or slip on a slick sidewalk that should have been taken care of better. Perhaps you or a loved one fell over something at the grocery store that was on the floor. No matter the reason, these sorts of falls can cause a surprising amount of physical damage, including fractures, head injuries, and spine injuries. Overcoming the injuries can require more than icing a bruise and waiting for the swelling to go down. They could require expensive hospital stays, and even surgery or rehabilitation in some cases. Something as simple as slipping and falling can actually cause quite a bit of damage to your body and your finances.


It is important to determine who is liable for the injury. For someone else to be responsible for your injuries legally, the owner or employee of the premises where you received the accident needs to have been the one that caused the spill or neglected repairs on the property. If the owner knows about dangerous surfaces but doesn’t do anything about them, they are liable for your injury as well. Of course, actually determining and proving liability is not easy, at least not for most people.


The best course of action for anyone injured in a slip and fall accident in Dallas is to get in touch with a slip and fall attorney with experience in the field. In some cases, the owner may be liable and in other cases, even though they might appear similar, the owner might not be at fault. Therefore, working with a slip and fall attorney in Dallas who can examine the case from a legal perspective makes it easier to see if you actually have a case for claiming damages for the injury.

Accidents do happen, and sometimes, it is no one’s fault but your own. However, other injuries should not occur, and it is for those incidents where other people are liable that you need to have a good slip and fall attorney in Dallas working with you.

It can be difficult to prove liability, and it is virtually impossible for you to do on your own. Many different factors come into play, which is for the safety of both the owner and the victim. The law does not want lawsuits directed at property owners by slip and fall victims who were at fault for their own injuries, or who did not really receive an injury. However, they also want the law to be fair enough that the owner does pay when liable.

Attorneys with slip and fall liability experience understand this area of the law well enough to be able to look at your slip and fall case and determine whether you actually have a chance of receiving damages for the injury. They will consider a number of factors in the case, including lighting, location, reasonable awareness on the part of the owner, and more to help you with your case.

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